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Developmental Disability Services

Community Based Support (CBS)

CBS is offered with developmental disabilities that is less behavior focused. This service offers support to our children to integrate fully into the community and to provide the little extra help they may need. 

Behavioral Intervention Services (BI)

BI includes certified professionals. Provides one to one support for behavioral intervention to reduce maladaptive behaviors, skill building, and social emotional development. Helps to promote independence and provide tools to use within the community. 

Family Training

This service provides family direct access to our highly trained therapy staff. The child's therapist can help guide a family so that they can learn to use the tools within their home and community to best support their child.  

Who is eligible for services?


Children who have a diagnosed developmental disability and / or difficult behaviors may be eligible. The Department of Health and Welfare determine if children are eligible for Developmental Disabilities Services. Contact the local Regional Family and Community Services (FACS) office for information and an Application for Children’s DD Services at or by calling (208) 334-5512.

Services are free of charge

Services are free of charge to Medicaid eligible children. If you chose to access the Children’s Benefit Redesign Services, your child will be assigned a budget for you to access services as you wish. We bill services under the Tradition Route or we can contract with you if you choose the Family Directed Route.

If you do not have Medicaid, or do not qualify for traditional Medicaid services, but believe our services could help, contact our office to discuss how to apply for the Katie Beckett waiver to be eligible for services regardless of your family’s income.

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