Child Development Center

Early Learning

Children begin to learn by exploring the world around them. They are provided a nurturing environment while they begin to develop social and pre academic skills through play.  


In our Pre-School class they learn peer interaction and pre-academic skills with a variety of gross and fine motor turn-taking games, Handwriting without Tears pre-writing activities, and multi-sensory letter and number theory activities. 

Pre-Kindergarten Class

Children learn to belong to a community and are responsible for a classroom job every day. They develop pre-literacy skills and learn numbers and basic number theory with the multi-sensory "Touch Math®" curriculum. They learn to print letters and numbers through the use of the "Handwriting without Tears

curriculum. They also learn persistence when working on tasks, good listening skills and the ability to follow directions. 

North Star Tuition Rates
2yrs: FT $500     PT $390
3yrs: Ft $475      PT $355
4yrs: FT $460     PT $355
Call 208.765.6828 for more information. Thank you!